Fall in love with Barbados

Six years ago I stumbled upon the most breath-taking Island I had ever seen; Barbados.  In my early twenties I had told myself that I just wanted to see more and more of the world and I shouldn’t revisit any one place in my precious holiday time…but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that lingered within me, the feeling I felt when my feet first kissed the sand in Barbados…and so I returned for months!

Crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling

Before Barbados I never enjoyed the ocean, not truly.  I could wonder at its depth and beauty but it mostly left me feeling scared and desperate to get back to the sand.But Barbados was different, I had never seen an ocean so clear that you could watch Giant Turtles feeding 40ft below.  Everyday I ran to the ocean, I loved getting out on the paddle board and watching the turtles, the lion fish, the jumping fish, swimming around me.

Making friends

One full moon my crazy yogi friend Danny organised a moonlit paddle board excursion for us, right by Thunder bay (across the road from his house – lucky him!) and I couldn’t make this up…as we sat floating around the ocean, waiting for the moon to come up over the palm trees, something crawled over the front of my paddle board.  No sooner had i realised it was a baby turtle I could see dozens of them swimming underneath us! Within 30 seconds they were gone and the moon was high.

After 6 years of long visits, teaching yoga, living, swimming, snorkelling, paddling and more, I have found the perfect resting spots on the island, the places to rejuvenate, the best yoga spots and calming meditation spots.

Paddle boarding into the sunset

This September I will be taking yogis with me to a secluded spot by the beach. Over the week we will enjoy daily yoga and meditation, an acro yoga workshop, nourishing Caribbean whole foods, paddle boarding (see above adorable baby turtle story) and perhaps even meet a few giant turtles too! Crazy Yogi Danny is hosting us his colourful beach lofts, complete with their own kitchenettes, bathrooms with Indian and Moroccan  decor throughout.

I can’t wait to share this Island with you! You can find more information about the retreat here or email me to reserve your spot.

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