To #yogaeverydamnday or not to #yogaeverydamnday?, that is the question.

Typically Ashtanga Yogi’s would practice 6 days a week and rest on full moon.  So when people ask me how often should you practice yoga, I tell them about the traditions in yoga and encourage  listening to your body.

The principles on which I base all my classes is to listen very carefully to your individual body.  How you spent your day and how I have spent my day may be very different and can set us up for or inhibit our asana practice.  On any one day ask yourself, does one part of your body need a break? Does another part need to stretch?  Is there some movement that might lift your mood? Align your movements with what your body is telling you and practice/rest accordingly.  Maybe you miss out a chaturunga today, or take an extra block when you practice hanumanasana today, or maybe you really work on the hip flexors today. 

Get to the point Jayne, do you #yogaeverydamnday? 

Well yes, I do, but perhaps not how you would imagine!  I try to yoga as much as I can, I go to classes, I teach classes and then I do other activities and integrate yoga like…tree pose while I wait for the kettle to boil, playing “new yoga shapes” with my nephew, family acro night on Fridays, practicing some mulabandha exercises when I am stuck in a queue (Try it – no one knows what you’re doing!). 

However, it doesn’t stop there with just the physical practice; yoga will and should start to seep into your lifestyle, everything will start to have yogic undertones…. pranayama (breathing) practice to calm down in a traffic jam, sending the angry man in the queue some good vibes so he might calm down, finding beauty in stray dogs who greet you with down dog, meditating before you go to bed, eating well and ethically (Ahimsa),…it goes on and on!

In a nutshell, yoga as much as you want, but don’t limit or push yourself so that you can use the latest hashtag or keep up with the #stopdropandyoga poses! Listen to your body and respond kindly; you know what is best for you! Maybe #yogawheneveryoufeellikeit instead.

2 thoughts on “To #yogaeverydamnday or not to #yogaeverydamnday?, that is the question.

  1. Sam says:

    Love love love this…..I totally agree with listening to ones body, like all these things this too takes time. That’s to really listen! I’m still deaf to my needs….no more chataranga!!!
    I try to yoga everyday but have days when the kettle boils n the yoga lady implodes, just ask my kids. On a positive note I have noticed that mental lady is a little quieter when yoga is involved!
    You rock lady keep #yogingeveryday x

    • jayne says:

      Of course! I love the mental lady in you! I do tree whilst the kettle is boiling – I love it! I dare you, skip a chaturunga in class and just go to childs pose… 🙂

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