When I worked in an office and people would get stressed out they “needed” a cigarette.  Sometimes I would walk down with them just to get some fresh air and get away from my desk.  Standing down wind of their smoke I would wonder, are they actually needing a smoke or are they needing to take some long deep breaths to calm down?
A new study (Link below) has shown that women who did a 60 minute of vinyasa yoga classes a week, which included pranayama, asana and relaxation techniques were able to use the breathing and relaxation techniques to combat smoking cravings and aid their smoking cessation.
Perhaps taking a break from a stressful day to go outside and try some 3 part breathing / Ujjayi breathe or a mini savasana is what you need to fight that craving, destress and find some inner peace!
If you want some tips or tricks on mindfullness, breathing exercises or relaxation give me a shout!
Photo props to my my boy @Photonomyphotography

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