Bakasana – Crow Pose

Purpose: build strength and balance.

1 – Set up – kneel down, feet together,screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-21-58-49 allow the arms to come through the legs, knees wide and then let the hands plant down on the floor, shoulder width apart.

2 – Create a shelf with the backs of the triceps and bend the elbows.  You want your knees to place down on the tricep shelf and start to squeeze them together.  TOP TIP: The further up you can set your knees on the arms the better.  SQUEEZE the knees in as much as possible.

3 – Pull the elbows back towards the rib cage

4 – Engage the pelvic floor, engage abs, lift up the butt slightly, round the back and start to lean your weight forward.

5 – GAZE FORWARD! No matter if you lift up or not take your gaze forward, 6 inches past your mat! If you don’t you are just setting yourself up for a rollypolly!

6 – As you lean forward try lifting one foot up and balance there. Come down and rest if you need to then work through the steps and try the other foot and/or maybe both feet!


  • LOOK FORWARD for the love of asanas !!!!
  • Broaden the pecs, don’t allow the shoulders to collapse forward, use the strength in the shoulders
  • Don’t fear falling – have a pillow if you like! You are only a few inches off the floor and your hands will instinctively protect you before your face is anywhere near the ground.


  • try taking the knees onto the back of the triceps rather than the outside of the triceps
  • are you breathing?  Can you count your inhale and exhale?
  • are you engaging your mulah bandha (pelvic floor lift)?
  • are you drawing your stomach in towards the spine (uddiyana Bandha)?

See my youtube video on Bakasana (Crow) and leave me a comment or suggestions for other poses you want to work on.  Remember this stuff doesn’t come overnight, practice, practice, practice!

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