Don’t know if your downdog is right?

Let’s check in and start from the beginning – even if you aren’t a beginner!                                downdog CHECKLIST:
  • Hands shoulder width apart – check thdowndogis by coming forward into plank, stacking the shoulders over the wrists and then pushing back into down dog
  • Feet hip width apart
  • Suck in the stomach (Engage the Mula Bandha and the Uddiyana Bandha)
  • Draw the shoulder blades down the back and away from the ears
  • Draw the heels down toward the ground – it doesn’t matter if they don’t get there but keep pushing!
  • Push into the hands, just underneath your index finger into the finger tip and the pad of the hand into the thumb.  The weight should be spread along the hand rather than just in the wrist.
  • Where are you looking?  Drishti (Gaze) should be towards the tip of your nose or the navel
  • Is your back straight?  Remember Down dog is a spinal stretch before a hamstring stretch so if your back is rounding, bend the knees!

I hope this helps! Once you have been through this checklist see if you can keep a nice and steady 5 Ujjayi breaths in this pose.

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